MYSTERYFORMS Digital Portfoliage

Long-time fam and SKRS in-house artist, 
MYSTERYFORMS, has finally completed an
archive of personal works for the people.  

selected works spanning more than a decade, 
ever-sprouting and taking deeper root.

Identities and Personas
- their frailty, transience, nonsubstance -  
and what lies further beneath:

secret structures, a veiled order,
inner circuitries that forever hard-wire
us to the ONE unseen

Come check the style seen!


Seekers inna New Forms Festival 11

a rare moment as we see SKRS
steady ranking in Vancouver's

featuring selections from
their ever deepening dub box;
cool out and soak u self pon dis one ya

The Call From Below - Now Here!

SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL presents The Call From Below

somewhere at the junction between
night and day, we find seekersinternational
plunged into deeper rub-a-dub territory

engulfed in the hazed light;
trudging on by a faint ember of promise;
hearts smoldering;  echoes of an ancient cry

The Call From Below is the first
full seekersinternational album project
on the brand new Gold Label collection

crucial selections that labour to
find upfulness in sorrow; clarity in
confusion;  livity in death

hype and revelry fade; the dancehall
empties out onto the road home;
 we keep the tape running...

come down selecta make it run;
cos the dance cyant done


Seekers Gold Label Select

seekersinternational rides on; steady skanking
and dub organizing after the sudden passing
of their number one champion bubbler

initial sketches have been made
for the debut of a brand new album under
the newly minted Seekers Gold Label

the Gold Label imprint embodies
new beginnings inna age-old tradition
of search and dubwise discovery

hold tight. press on.
because the
dance cyant done


Junior Ranking Dubwise Dedication

Love and Blessings to
our Number One Topcat Champion
Bubbler: Likkle Junior Ranking

gladdened by your presence
hollowed by your departure
humbled by your being

nestle safely in eternity's
warm embrace;  till we meet
again my sweet love


Magnetic Haze Now Hear!

dubwise collage album collaboration
now landed inna di area!

"immersed in phased scapes,
worn tapes, and delays";  "an hour of
relentlessly deep atmospheric exploration..."

Magnetic Haze inna
digikal or disk;
get yours here!



 exclusive album preview!

from the shores of Hazy Coast
to the trenches of SmogCity
a new station unification soon come!

seekersinternational meets
wzrdry somewhere between murky
twilight and the veiled light of dawn

immersed in phased scapes,
worn tapes, and delays:
dubwise in every way


Dub Dem Sugar a-Go Dub Dem!

to the man call Sugar Minott,
Dancehall Godfather

musical murder!