TellURudebwoy BETA-MAXED

MYSTERYFORMS & WzrdryAV re-survey the jungle landscape and map out new and remote pirate radio tower block transmitters, never before discovered and eluding DTI raids for decades, enabling these stations to continue broadcasting and cultivating ever-new sounds from the underground to a world-wide listening audience.

Exclusive aerial views and secured ground-level footage offer us an ultra-rare glimpse of these monuments of forward broadcasting and the men and women who tirelessly labour to keep the spirit and (covert) operation alive. Exact polar coordinates shall be omitted for obvious reasons.

The title track, TellURudebwoy, off the forthcoming SKRSINTL presents the RaggaPreservationSociety EP on Diskotopia Records, is exemplary in showcasing the evolving sounds and mindsets of the communities that persist and subsist on this constant dose of elevating frequencies.  Tune in and stay locked.