artwork by K. Nairn x MYSTERYFORMS

Solidstate, pushing weight, dem breadrens at it again!
Big sounds rearrange, rattling dimensional space
Riddim building blocks in suspended animation

Suspended Systems EP
Out now on Wzrdry Recordings
When yall had enough of that other ish


SKRS Reconsiders the Vampire's Curse

"Court not the romance of darkness - for demons need love too -
Lest the consequences persist long after the bite is delivered
And a cataleptic slumber fall pon u!"
                                                                           - Baba Raaas

When She and the night conspire to conceal the Light
And the moon consents to cast Her haunting allure
The depths arise and stake their claim; a gnawing hunger for infliction

A sinister joy in the air rattles shutters with accursed laughter
Suffocating plumes of panic and confusion dance in wild frenzy
"Murder Soundbwaay!" never before sounding so fatal

     Inna dis ya soul clash - the classic battle for soul domination - SKRS performs their own brand of dub exorcism on all dark hearts.  In their medicine bag they arm themselves with THE quintessential Scientist codex, a golden chalwah, a ten foot stalk of herb and some holy water.  May Jah have mercy on us all and rid our hearts of all evil curse dem!  Out now on Boomarm Nation


SKRS x MYSTERYFORMS Registration Office

SKRSINTL at VIVO Media Arts Centre for Quiet City 13 sees the unveiling of the SKRS Dedication Station - Registration & Administration.  A civic extension of the less-accessible, subtropic Jungle Station, the new satellite office opens its doors to the greater Pacific Northwest massive

Lookout for a branch opening soon near You!
Come by, pop in and say hello!  Share a spliff or two!
Now accepting registration and enrolment applications!



Our very own breadren artist/collaborator MYSTERYFORMS
bring come the heavy goods with this ya Video Teleportation Poster
for the album ROOTPRINCIPLE on No Corner Tapes

As part of MYSTERYFORMS' on-going
Internal Circuitry Studies (ICS), the video ushers
ROOTPRINCIPLE into the field of Psycho-Opto-Acoustics

Come along on a deep jungle trek with SKRSINTL
8-bit meditation across the nation!
Get locked on


ROOTPRINCIPLE on Bristol's NoCornerTapes!

...it's SKRS in a parallel roots tradition!

Machete pon left and a dagger pon the right
The seeker sets about on an inner pilgrimage
Hacking thru a dense tangle of circuit overgrowth and corrosion

The lush canopy, seen from above
Belies the dread and danger lying-smiling in wait within
Lions in sentinel; challenging those who profess their fidelity

Steel horn speakers call from towers on high while
Drum rumbling from a distance approach
Where time cuts to the chase, notions leave no trace...


SKRS and No Corner uniting Pacific and Atlantic
on dis ya a station unification ting seen!  NC007
Limited edition of 100 cassette tapes for the reel dub heads dem

A5 foldout cover by MYSTERYFORMS
Insert by C26 and Studio Tape-Echo
X-amount of love inna dis!

Special RwdFwd edition spray painted tapes available now - only at RWDFWD