The Call From Below LP on WAX!

     "Digitalis aren't known for their dub affections, but SeekersInternational's 'The Call From Below' is a choice pick for this always-interesting imprint. Coming from an unknown soundsystem posse, it sounds something like Rhythm & Sound meeting Actress and Vladislav Delay for a knockout zoot round Pole's place; essentially a destroyed dub session of the finest calibre, with initial copies coming to you on purple wax."  
                                                                                                                                                                           - Boomkat


TheCallFromBelow Resurface

Outerbound and Galaxaburn of the indelible
TRANSMOLECULAR family have gifted SKRS with
this visual soundscape to mark The Call From Below's arrival

when Home beckons back, the sound
system signals our return, we the children
come running to heed the call