The Call From Below - Come Again!

Seekersinternational's vital-seminal work,
The Call From Below, resurfaces from the
depths; on the wings of a brand new promise.

The esteemed and highly regarded recording label,
 Digitalis Industries, picks up the resonating echoes from
across the seas and responds with resounding reverberation:

Soon to see the light of a second release, the entire
album will be set to vinyl and disseminated through
Digitalis' wider listening network.  Stay tuned...

...di dance cyant done...


Smoked Out with WZRDRY

The bonds forged between seekersinternational
 and WZRDRY - long before Magnetic Haze -
continue to fortify with this ya new special!

Deep, vibrant riddims and bass of wzrdryAV collide
with explosive seekers dub skanking.  Sonic forces
combine to deliver their brand of raw, smoked-out dread tech.

The first in a series of collaboration singles.
Available now inna digital via
WZRDRY Recordings