ROOTPRINCIPLE on Bristol's NoCornerTapes!'s SKRS in a parallel roots tradition!

Machete pon left and a dagger pon the right
The seeker sets about on an inner pilgrimage
Hacking thru a dense tangle of circuit overgrowth and corrosion

The lush canopy, seen from above
Belies the dread and danger lying-smiling in wait within
Lions in sentinel; challenging those who profess their fidelity

Steel horn speakers call from towers on high while
Drum rumbling from a distance approach
Where time cuts to the chase, notions leave no trace...


SKRS and No Corner uniting Pacific and Atlantic
on dis ya a station unification ting seen!  NC007
Limited edition of 100 cassette tapes for the reel dub heads dem

A5 foldout cover by MYSTERYFORMS
Insert by C26 and Studio Tape-Echo
X-amount of love inna dis!

Special RwdFwd edition spray painted tapes available now - only at RWDFWD



freak-out, deteriorated digi-dancehall-dub at its maddest;
the crucial selections of YARDTECH is now rescued
from 128kbps limbo and risen from ferric tape dust

Uncle Freddie Skeng, visiting from the Philippines,
has brought us the original cassette tape master
of this criminally overlooked recording

finally! we are able to properly (re)present and lovingly share
this rowdy ep - FREE - to all the staunchest dub adventurers and
SKRS fanatics.  get yours here in glorious HI-RES LO-FI!


TheWhereBetween VERSION

And now! Longtime artist-collaborator MYSTERYFORMS
further develops the SEEKERS vision of inner dread circuitries,
soundsystems, and dub introspection into betamax territory

Embracing the culture of the Version, we now
present to you TheWhereBetween
inna VIDEOMATICAL style!




      In celebration and thanksgiving for the latest addition to the SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL crew - our newest junior bubbler to run come bless up the Dance, the inimitable invincible Young Pow-Wow, we hereby present the listening massive with dis ya FREE musical excursion!

When neither the illusory Here
Nor the unfathomable Hereafter
Provide safe harbour;

The seeker has no place to turn
but TheWhereBetween

And through it all : A solitary prayer;
A broken record loop-like chant for deliverance
One foot in oblivion;  Hanging by a thread of Hope

In Offeration and Dedication to You,
the One, the Eternal, of whom all things Are
Give thanks and praise each and every hour

TheWhereBetweenYou&Me is the dubwise sequel to
TheCallFromBelow; part two combination excursion style
By special request and public demand, it is now yours for free!



When two heavyweight forces collide,
The inevitable displacement of weak shit is sure; 
Trunks rattle, illusions are tested, dancehall a bruk!

Inna dis ya new outing, wzrdryAV & seekersinternational
aim their sights against all weak-mindedness and set their phasers 
to "KILL";  undoing fake formulas lest we ourselves become undone

Take up the fight here and sign up against all weak shit
"...cos when we come fi nice up the place it's trouble!"
For your direction, for your satisfaction!


Lost and Found 45s Vol.1

Recent flash floods in Metro Manila continue to cause 
miscellaneous debris and forgotten material to resurface with the tides - 
like elements of the murky subconscious rising up for reckoning

A covert envoy to the Philippines has brought us back
one such washed-out and encrusted artifact:  a mystery recording
we have aptly (re)titled Lost & Found Vol.1

Zig-zagging its way thru caverns inna u area
Echoing spaces shrouded in tape deterioration and dust;
Patient in its unfolding; A Stealth Sound Murderation

With zero information on its roots and origins,
We the listeners are spared from relying pon trivial data for orientation
Having now only the Sound to contend and deal with in its rawest form

Limited edition of 300 hand-numbered records on stark ghost-white vinyl
Original label art by artist/collaborator MYSTERYFORMS
Hand-stamped paper sleeves.  Made in the Philippines.

{editor's note:  Digi versions were recorded from the original test pressings, capturing and preserving all the lovely grit and nuanced materiality of vinyl.  Not all 300 copies survived the floods, however.  Others were warped, cracked and/or moulded beyond repair.  Collectors and music-lovers, reserve yours direct.  A kind thank you to ZamZam Sounds for reminding us about this once-lost recording! }


Silent Season inna Vancouver

The UBC Philippine Studies Series, in partnership
with the UBC Liu Institute and Silent Season Records,
 is proud to bring you:  A Motion to Stillness

An evening of modern meditative dub
and ambient music showcasing the finest 
dub purveyors of the Pacific Northwest

Jamie McCue / Segue / WzrdryAV / SKRSINTL
immerse yourselves inna dis ya ital revival.




underground innovators and operators for a rare Sunday
offeration station identification! RAAAS!

A wha dem a deh pon!?!

Earliest interactions and collaborations reaching as far back as 
the early 90s are now finally culminating in this FIRST EVER
TRANSMOLECULAR group exhibition of audio and visual works

Join us for a special Sunday Showcase of true - original -
underground - outsider - art and sound.  Presenting works never
before heard or seen.  Dis ya a convergence Not To Be Missed

more details here.  hold tight.


UnityInnaDancehall 199X

Offered to do a program for CFRO 100.5 FM Co-op Radio's 
Art of Beatz show, SKRSINTL immediately seizes the opportunity to share
one of their most revered -and often referenced- recordings in their collection

Acquired at a high school dance in San Juan, Metro Manila in 1993,
this curious, un-labelled cassette quietly stood out from the stack of underground
mixtapes being sold by Social Distortion Mobile, the deejays of that affair

"We have since then christened this
theretofore un-named tape:
UnityInnaDancehall 199X"

"This live recording was really what turned us on to Dancehall and
Sound System culture for the first time;  we couldn't have imagined a tougher,
more impactful introduction to the art form than this!"  -  SKRS

{editor's note: ethnomusicologists and amateur sound archeologists remain baffled by the above claims as the recording in question seems to traverse chronologies and defy all rationale behind its alleged origins.  We are not entirely sure if what we are hearing is an actual live recording of a dancehall  from another dimension or a completely composed audio piece.  Debates regarding this tape continue, but experts already agree: in this heartical tribute to the finest in Dancehall culture, SKRSINTL lovingly obliterates our all too restrictive definitions of what a radio broadcast, a live recording, a deejay mix, a soundtrack, and a compositional piece can or cannot be.  A unification ting seen!}


The Call From Below LP on WAX!

     "Digitalis aren't known for their dub affections, but SeekersInternational's 'The Call From Below' is a choice pick for this always-interesting imprint. Coming from an unknown soundsystem posse, it sounds something like Rhythm & Sound meeting Actress and Vladislav Delay for a knockout zoot round Pole's place; essentially a destroyed dub session of the finest calibre, with initial copies coming to you on purple wax."  
                                                                                                                                                                           - Boomkat


TheCallFromBelow Resurface

Outerbound and Galaxaburn of the indelible
TRANSMOLECULAR family have gifted SKRS with
this visual soundscape to mark The Call From Below's arrival

when Home beckons back, the sound
system signals our return, we the children
come running to heed the call