Request line dedications past midnight under assumed aliases;
Cold sweats and burning hips;  singular obsessions backed with frayed nerves;
Determined, you make your approach;  Doubting, you double back.

The age-old hunt forever begins anew.  Pursuit, capture and escape in a locked groove.  Forked tongues spell twisted words.  The promise of Union dancing like diamond encrusted chains.  Consummated and consumed in rapture, you don rose-coloured X-Ray specs that betray greener pastures.

Now this ya a Dedication to all who see PAST this relentless push-and-pull sold to us as "love";  To all those who struggle and stand fast amidst the heady swirls and rumblings down low;  To those who are dedicated to Waking Up! and move tirelessly Closer to the Real Thing.


Recorded at Aquaboogie Studios, Southeast Richmond 
Mastered by the Stunt Man at Suite Sound Labs, Vancouver 
Artwork and Design by MYSTERYFORMS

Out NOW on the indelible Outernational Dub Champion, Bokeh Versions