This is our Dancehall Devotional;
Ghetto original; Our hoarse voices ring;
Backyard confessional...

In humbled surrender and utter awe
We sing praises to Your blinding effulgence;
The divine Mother - in your countless emanations:

From You, most earthy: Big Batty Gyal;
Rope gold garlands of sweat and glitter;
Unapologetic stilettos fracture Death's grip

To You, most exulted: Supreme deliverer of Justice;
Sentences decreed and nay-sayers laid low.
Let nuh boy try fi test!

Hurry come and descend pon we;
Dash out slackness and obstinacy

Rise up Your forces from deep in our hearts;
Make we ready for when the Real Clash starts!!!

Recorded at Aquaboogie Studios, South East Richmond,
and Del Monte Ave Studios, Quezon City

mastered by The Stunt Man at Suite Sound Labs, Vancouver

all original artwork by MYSTERYFORMS


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