The Call From Below LP on WAX!

     "Digitalis aren't known for their dub affections, but SeekersInternational's 'The Call From Below' is a choice pick for this always-interesting imprint. Coming from an unknown soundsystem posse, it sounds something like Rhythm & Sound meeting Actress and Vladislav Delay for a knockout zoot round Pole's place; essentially a destroyed dub session of the finest calibre, with initial copies coming to you on purple wax."  
                                                                                                                                                                           - Boomkat



javahut said...

C'mon, man. Love your stuff, but no way I'm buying vinyl. Put your tunes out FLAC or WAV, I'd be paying you right now for it.

MX7 said...

word is bond.

Digitalis will have the flac/wav versions available soon. Watch out for it here:

large it up :)

javahut said...

Cool! Looking forward to it! Thanks for the info.

Now get to work on a real album!!! ;) I already wanna hear more from you guys!

Anonymous said...

such a great album. congrats on the vinyl release fellas. ~mred

MX7 said...

Digi-LP available now on Digitalis Recordings!

javahut said...

Yeah, but... where's the lossless download version? I'm an audio geek listening in da studio mon. Needs me hi rez.