Lost and Found 45s Vol.1

Recent flash floods in Metro Manila continue to cause 
miscellaneous debris and forgotten material to resurface with the tides - 
like elements of the murky subconscious rising up for reckoning

A covert envoy to the Philippines has brought us back
one such washed-out and encrusted artifact:  a mystery recording
we have aptly (re)titled Lost & Found Vol.1

Zig-zagging its way thru caverns inna u area
Echoing spaces shrouded in tape deterioration and dust;
Patient in its unfolding; A Stealth Sound Murderation

With zero information on its roots and origins,
We the listeners are spared from relying pon trivial data for orientation
Having now only the Sound to contend and deal with in its rawest form

Limited edition of 300 hand-numbered records on stark ghost-white vinyl
Original label art by artist/collaborator MYSTERYFORMS
Hand-stamped paper sleeves.  Made in the Philippines.

{editor's note:  Digi versions were recorded from the original test pressings, capturing and preserving all the lovely grit and nuanced materiality of vinyl.  Not all 300 copies survived the floods, however.  Others were warped, cracked and/or moulded beyond repair.  Collectors and music-lovers, reserve yours direct.  A kind thank you to ZamZam Sounds for reminding us about this once-lost recording! }


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