SKRSxMX7xMYSTERYFORMS presents theShopApprentice

     The long-standing relationship between SKRSINTL and the Internal Circuitry Studies (ICS) faculty bears fruit once again!  This time: a triplex collaboration between SKRS, AgentMX7 and MYSTERYFORMS taking the form of a limited edition poster+tape+digital super combination punch, entitled...


     In celebration of the seeker in us all - working through inertia and circumstance, fatigue and doubt, poor weather and low signal strength, in efforts to raise our antenna and tune in to His Master's Voice.  Taking a page from one such soul apprentice's private journal entry, together we sing:

A hurried sip of dark tea and I'm out!
Pedalling off into my small shop corner of the galaxy,
Multiple sunsets away, another work day awaits.

In the charged dim light, the Master's song 
Intertwines with soldering fumes; 
and after a friendly exchange,
The repair work begins:

Re-routing faulty signal paths;
Deoxidizing rusted contacts; Purging failed components - 
Anything that gets in the way of pure Electricity

I've yet to develop a steady hand at this tho;
I still tremble at Your mere presence.
How do I make the leap across open circuits?

     Available now on the always vital ICS Library Records imprint, each limited edition combo pack you purchase includes a signed and numbered two-colour Risograph poster by MYSTERYFORMS and an exclusive 6-track EP on cassette and digital by SKRSxMX7.  All proceeds go to the ICS Arts, Crafts and Livelihood Program for Cultivated Living, an essential ICS initiative to help put food on artists' tables, cover portions of their sometimes impressive electricity bills, while continuing to make their works accessible and available to you and the community.  Thank you for your support.

     Original illustration and poster design by MYSTERYFORMS.  Edition of 70.  Two-colour, three-pass Risograph print on 11in x 15in, off-white, 80 lb. drawing paper.  Lovingly printed by Erica at Moniker Press.   The inherent limitations/beauty of Risograph printing causes each edition to align and register colours slightly different from one another (see photo above);  each edition resulting as a unique print - no two posters are ever identical!  Signed and numbered by the mystery man himself.

     Straight head-to-head circuitry clash by SKRSxMX7 on tape.  Recorded directly in-campus at ICS' Drumalie Ave Television and Radio Research and Repair Lab.  Six tracks deep, each tape side is essentially a nine-minute suite in three movements.  Professionally duplicated in Eastern Canada on high-bias TDK SA cobalt cassette tape (better than Chrome!).  Cover photography & design by MYSTERYFORMS.


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