UnityInnaDancehall 199X

Offered to do a program for CFRO 100.5 FM Co-op Radio's 
Art of Beatz show, SKRSINTL immediately seizes the opportunity to share
one of their most revered -and often referenced- recordings in their collection

Acquired at a high school dance in San Juan, Metro Manila in 1993,
this curious, un-labelled cassette quietly stood out from the stack of underground
mixtapes being sold by Social Distortion Mobile, the deejays of that affair

"We have since then christened this
theretofore un-named tape:
UnityInnaDancehall 199X"

"This live recording was really what turned us on to Dancehall and
Sound System culture for the first time;  we couldn't have imagined a tougher,
more impactful introduction to the art form than this!"  -  SKRS

{editor's note: ethnomusicologists and amateur sound archeologists remain baffled by the above claims as the recording in question seems to traverse chronologies and defy all rationale behind its alleged origins.  We are not entirely sure if what we are hearing is an actual live recording of a dancehall  from another dimension or a completely composed audio piece.  Debates regarding this tape continue, but experts already agree: in this heartical tribute to the finest in Dancehall culture, SKRSINTL lovingly obliterates our all too restrictive definitions of what a radio broadcast, a live recording, a deejay mix, a soundtrack, and a compositional piece can or cannot be.  A unification ting seen!}


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Anonymous said...

Most of the tracks are from the 2000's, impossible for this to have been recorded in 1993. It's a compilation of tracks mixed in with soundclash / live dance bits.